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project page & download: wxProdOp home
author: Keith Brown

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments about the program at

wxProdOp is an attempt to build a standalone product operator calculator.

Long sequences of pulses and delays can produce some rather messy expressions that can often be simplified. There are several ways to simplify these expressions including using trigonometric identities, getting rid of unobservable terms and turning off chemical shift evolution during spin echo blocks.

The program currently runs under Linux and Windows and is written in Perl using the wxPerl extension which in turn uses wxWindows, a platform-independent windowing system. I (Keith Brown) chose Perl since much of the program involves text manipulation which is what Perl excels at. The source code is open.

Below is a picture demonstrating wcProdOp in action. There are more on the project page along with a very extensive manual.

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