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Know-how has a lot to do with unique ideas, but not much less with a mundane task of documenting them.

Wiki offers a simple and flexible way to manage information.

What will wiki bring to your Lab?

  • searchable internal knowledge base
  • one point of access to lab information
  • help remember pesky details of your experiments - even years later
  • retain in the lab the wisdom of previous group members, long after they move on
  • encourage good record keeping

We use Mediawiki

Install a copy in your lab too.

There are many wiki engines available these days, but we chose Mediawiki for these reasons:

  • MW is the most adopted wiki in academia (and probably elsewhere)
  • it has more customization extensions than any other wiki engine
  • it is probably the most mature wiki software
  • heck, even Wikipedia uses it (and pays for the code development)
  • it's free, open source, secure and stable

One extra good reason to adopt Media Wiki for your NMR Lab!!!

NMR Wiki will share source of NMR and science-specific extensions with the community, as well as offer technical support for using them.

A first member in the NMR Wiki suite of extensions is the pulse sequence drawing tool.

Also, we've adopted Biblio extension which allows to properly insert literature citations into the wiki pages.

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