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Southern California Users of Magnets (SCUM) Meeting is a regional conference dedicated to research in Magnetic resonance by scientist living in Southern California (North of San-Diego and South of Santa Barbara.

In 2009 the meeting took place on the campus of UC Riverside and organized by Prof. Cynthia Larive


8:30 Coffee and continental breakfast

9:00 Welcoming Remarks

9:00 Andre Obenaus, Loma Linda Tracking neural stem cell implantation in disease using MRI

9:30 Wayne Steinmetz, Pomona College Spins and Structure of a Sweet Substance from Stevia

10:00 Yong Yao, Burnham Institute Structure of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence factor Rv0899 (OmpATb)

10:15 Break

10:30 Jennifer Cruz, UCR Investigating the Influence of Non-Specific Binding on Lidocaine/Alpha1-Acid Glycoprotein Epitope Maps by Saturation Transfer Difference NMR Spectroscopy

10:45 Melanie Cocco, UCI The Structure of the Cytidine Repressor DNA-Binding Domain: Dynamic and Structural Consequences of Specificity

11:15 John Franck, UCSB Extending OE-DNP to Measure Complex Hydration Dynamics

11:30 Stephanie Wolahan, UCLA Supramolecular magnetic nanoparticles demonstrate enhanced detection sensitivity of MR contrast agents

11:45 John Limtiaco, UCR Characterization of Heparin Impurities using Diffusion NMR Measurements

12:00 Lunch UCR Alumni Center

1:30 Mary Hatcher-Skeers, Scripps College Effect of Solvent Polarity on the Amide Rotational Bond in Nicotinamide

2:00 Patricia A. Jennings, UCSD Geometric Frustration in IL-1b Reveals Distal Regions of Functional Importance

2:30 Ilya Litvak, UCI Pneumatically switched variable angle spinning NMR probe with capacitively coupled RF coil

2:45 Ye Tian, UCR Backbone and sidechain correlation using scalar couplings in solid-state proteins

3:00 Break

3:15 Jinfeng Lai, UCR Characterizing enzymatic intermediates in tryptophan synthase using solid-state NMR, x-ray crystallography, and ab initio computational chemistry

3:30 Jessica Pfeilsticker, Cal Tech Reverse 15N rINEPT with Selective Recoupling in Choline

3:45 A. J. Shaka, UCI Filter Diagonalization Revisited: Fast and Reliable Performance for Noisy NMR Data Sets

4:15 Closing Remarks

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