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Sparky project home page (download site & original manuals)

Sparky is probably the simplest program that can help display and analyze 2D and higher dimensional spectra.


Sparky commands


Starting Sparky

Interacting with sparky

Adjusting keyboard delay timing (recommended for easier interaction)

Sparky pointer modes (mouse actions)

Opening spectra

Setting up project

Plotting spectra

Looking at 1D traces from 2D planes

Picking and labeling peaks

Reading peak frequencies

Working with assignment table


Adjusting Display


Add more Sparky scripts to NMRWiki!

Average peak frequency

Calculate splitting

Specific applications

Analysis of JHMBC using Sparky


Some of the features are:

  • peak labels
  • assignment tables, peak tables
  • drawing lines to assist and show assignment pathways
  • cursor synchronization across multiple windows
  • users can create extensions in python programming language
  • many extensions are available
  • extension programming interface gives access to data points
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