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Welcome to NMR Wiki. We hope that this site will be truly useful for the MR community as it aims at filling the huge documentation gap that we deal with daily.

There are a few things we'd like you to know first.

  • permission to edit this site is granted!
  • many things are appropriate here
  • there's no way to break pages - there's "undo" - so please don't be afraid to edit.
  • please find more help here
  • you have your own page too! (log in and follow link "my page" on top)

Also, we have personalized messages for some groups of NMR Wiki visitors:

  • students/postdocs - you are in a great position to create lab manuals that work, since you actually do most of the lab work :)
  • professors - please invite your students here and give us great advice that will help us build a great resource.
  • facility engineers/directors - we invite to share with the community your vast indispensable practical knowledge of Magnetic Resonance
  • entrepreneurs and business associates - please take a look at this

We hope that you will find rewarding experience in contributing to NMR Wiki!


NMR Wiki team

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