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Sweet J [1] is a small program that calculates the vicinal coupling constant in the substituted aliphatic hydrocarbons from the dihedral angle. Sweet J can evaluate a generalized Karplus equation or the more complex equation by Haasnoot at al. [2], which also takes the elecronegativity of the substituents into account.

The program was originally written in 1995 for the Macintosh. In 2009 it was ported to Mac OS 10.5.

author: Giuseppe Balacco
official site: http://www.inmr.net/sweetj.html


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  2. Haasnoot, CAG and de Leeuw, F and Altona, C. The relationship between proton-proton NMR coupling constants and substituent electronegativities—I An empirical generalization of the karplus equation. Tetrahedron 36:2783--2792, 1980. BibTeX [altona80]

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