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File packaging (1)

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You've noted on 2D_CC-CTUC_Solids that the file is actually catenation of several files - is that because of the way you distribute your sequences or because the template as is accepts only one file? We can somehow address this issue. On one hand it would be nice to simplify uploads of sequences to one file (zip, tar or someting like that), on the other hand it would be nice for visitors to be able to see each included file individually.

Something to think about - maybe we can have some script unpacking the archive on the server-side and automatically generating links to included files. It's ok this way for now, this could be fixed in the future.

Citation? (1)

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Hi Trent, Wow you've managed to draw that image. Quite a feat given the way documentation is set up and the error reporting works.

If there is a citation - please tell me - I can take a look at the paper and fine-tune the image.

Hi Evgeny,

I'll get the proper citations, and the rest of the diagrams in tomorrow. The code has options to run the ones shown here, and the IPAP version of the experiment. I'll also put in more documentation. (i.e how to get each sequence out of the code) The citations you've listed are not right, although it reminds me to get those other sequences in the wiki. One (or both) of the 2 citations could be found by searching the authors I've listed on the wiki page. (Chen....Rienstra and Mueller, JACS 2007 I think, their figures don't have the z-filter proton level shown properly, it's correct as shown here; and I've split the carbon dimension into 2 lines, which is not as they have shown)

The other thing I wanted to ask is how to set the height of the decoupling and CP levels differently, and put on labels. The CP on carbon needs a ramp, and the decoupling during the COSY and acquisition should be different levels. I tried to do this as on the manual page, but haven't had any luck. I also plan on putting the phases in tomorrow, which may be another adventure. Seems that the example should work out of the box now. Once this is all working, it might be a good idea to link to this page as another example.

In the mean time I'll try to figure it out myself so I can make intelligent remarks on the other page.


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