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Chemsketch as web-applet? (1)

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Hi there, does chemsketch work as web applet?

Sorry for the late reply.

ChemSketch can be setup as an I-lab service. However, we also offers a web applet called Structure Drawing Applet and an ActiveX component called MolX

Thanks. I should look into adding adding email notifications to threads.

Does this applet only work on windows os? Is there deployment info anywhere? I would like to get a tool like this for the wiki, but buying software for big bucks is out of question for me (at least for now).

Email notification would make this so much easier.

I believe the applet works only for Windows OS. I think the ActiveX tool MolX can be setup on other OS's provided they can install and ActiveX plugin.

If you want to talk more about this, please feel free to contact me at arvinATacdlabsDOTcom.

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