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Installing vnmr6.1c on a Sun Microsystems Ultra 10 running Solaris 8 (SunOS 5.8) (1)

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I have had difficulty installing vnmr6.1c on a Sun Microsystems Ultra 10 running Solaris 8. The install should be straight forward but the load.nmr script does not seem to recognize the operating system. When I put the vnmr install disk in, a 'Run' window opens and says the ins.sol file is not found. I assume that is the install file for Solaris but when I look at the disk it is actually there. Then when I try to run the load.nmr script from the install disk it says the following:

  1. ./load.nmr: [: 5.8: integer expression expected
  2. ./load.nmr: /cdrom/cdrom0/code/ins.sos: No such file or directory

I have not yet resolved this and if anyone has any tips please enlighten me.

If you have (obtain) access to varian user pages (register here), you can find an answer on vnmr buglist

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