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Why? This feature can help this wiki and others with scientific content become more "scientific grade". Imagine being able to write wikitext that produces a page looking like a real science paper - important part of which is providing full references to the original sources. Citations can be made exportable into EndNote and other software for use in real paper-writing.

Some people are even using wiki for collaborative paper writing.

Interested in getting this to work or perhaps know of something existing? Please leave your comments.



MYSQL database interfaced with php (mediawiki native platform) or php in combination with Python (No offense to the PHP programmers, but I wish mediawiki was written in python. If you have some time - take a look at the django library. Cuts a lot of time and pain off web-development. Also according to this django has been created by former php programmers.)

Crosslink papers

Be able to link papers that e.g. use method published in paper "A".


Input: BibTeX format (advantages - plain text - cut and paste, can be retrieved from say Google Scholar in two clicks)

Export feature: support conversion into EndNote for off-line use.

A special page for looking up references (or maybe a pop-up html element) and iserting them into your text.

Presentation in wiki

An extension that allows insert citations by keys something like <ref>cidid234</ref> and <bibliography/> in the end.

The extension must assign proper number to each citation, and present it in the paper-like form <bibliography/> tag should be converted into familiar list of publications, but should also allow citation export and provide url link to the original source, if available.


Mediawiki's bibtex extension

Wikitech mailing list had some discussions on that too.

Scientific Wiki Sites add more links if you know others.

WikkaWiki something completely different. Simpler, per-page access control, standards-compliant, invisible wiki option, double-click to edit.

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