Two postdoc positions in solid-state NMR at Stockholm University

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posted: Jan 22, 2011

Two postdoc positions in solid-state NMR are open at Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Unit, Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University, Sweden

Our research is focused on developing and applying solid-state NMR spectroscopy for structural investigations of inorganic materials, in particular glasses and mesoporous materials. We are inviting self-motivated and creative individuals to apply for postdoctoral positions within either of the two projects described below. Each position is intended for (at least) 2 years. A successful candidate may start at any time; reviewing of applications will begin immediately and proceed until the positions are filled.

1. New NMR techniques: Using a combination of theoretical developments, computer simulations and experimental NMR testing, this project aims at designing new solid-state NMR methods for determining internuclear-distances, both in the areas of spins-1/2 and half-integer spin quadrupolar nuclei. The successful candidate within this project must have a strong background in Physics and/or Mathematics. Previous experience with advanced NMR experimentation and/or NMR methodology/theory development is required and should be documented in the application. Skills in computer programming are beneficial, but not necessary.

2. NMR studies of bio-mimetic processes: Thanks to their ability to bond both to soft and hard tissues, mesoporous bioactive glasses (MBGs) are promising candidates for improved bone and tooth implants. The project involves application of both routine and advanced solid-state NMR techniques for exploring the evolution of the bio-mimetic phosphate-layer forming at the MBG surface upon its exposure to simulated body fluids, as well as to study the structural changes occurring at the MBG surface. The successful candidate must have a PhD degree with emphasis on MAS NMR experimentation.

The successful candidates for either position must have a PhD degree in Chemistry or Physics and have previous experience with solid-state MAS NMR experimentation (the extent of which should be described in the application). All projects will involve collaboration and interactions with other research groups at Stockholm University and internationally. Further information about the research of our group may be found at Inquiries about details of the projects and positions may be addressed by E-mail to the principal investigator:

The application should be submitted by E-mail as a single pdf-file to, and include

  • CV, including a statement about which of the projects above you prefer working within and a description of research interests and previous experience
  • documentation of the extent of your previous experience with solid state NMR
  • publication list
  • the names and E-mail addresses of (at least) three reference persons

Mattias Edén, Associate Professor Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Unit, Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University, SE 10691 Stockholm, Sweden

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