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If you want to insert citations, please read this instead.
Method described in this page is no longer in use.

Biblio allows two write wiki articles just like a science paper. Biblio installed on NMRWiki allows to provide references via pubmed id and bibtex
So bibtex can be combined with <cite>
Code will be made available under GPL license by April 14, 2008

Use BibTeX to enter citations. Why use BibTex?

This wiki uses BibTex mediawiki extension.

Example of use

Insert the googled (see section below) BibTeX citation into the <bibtex></bibtex> tags.

This, if entered in the edit view

   title={The Wiki way: quick collaboration on the Web},
   author={Leuf, B. and Cunningham, W.},
   publisher={Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co., Inc. Boston, MA, USA}

Will look like like this in the article

Leuf, B., Cunningham, W.. The Wiki way: quick collaboration on the Web

Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co., Inc. Boston, MA, USA, 2001
WWW | BibTeX

Notice the url field - that one can be used to point to the actual article on the web, e.g. in the journal web page.

Googling BibTeX

Did you know that Google Scholar can give you citations in BibTex format? In the end of this page you can select BibTex to be your bibliography manager.

Once you do that "Import into BibTex" link will be given together with your search results. Click it then copy-paste the BibTex reference into the NMRWiki.

Inserting URL to cited document

You can simply use


However, the publisher may decide to change that url in the future and the link will break.

To fix that issue many publishers provide Digital Object Identifier (DOI) with their articles. The permanent DOI link to the paper will look like:

Where DOI_value is that taken from the paper webpage.

DOI's can be validated using the DOI lookup tool.

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