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[[Category:Pulse sequence drawing]]
[[Category:Pulse sequence drawing]]

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Experiment family/families: solids
Synopsis: Constant-time Through-bond Carbon 2D correlation experiments
Implementation author(s): L. Chen, D.W. Elliot, J.M. Boetcher, D.H. Zhou, C.M. Rienstra, L.J. Mueller
Copyright: not assigned
Console: Varian, Infinity Plus, 500 MHz
Download: code, no sample/parameter data yet

CO-CA Version

Pulse sequence image

Aliphatic Version

Pulse sequence image


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  2. Chen, L and Kaiser, JM and Lai, J and Polenova, T and Yang, J and Rienstra, CM and Mueller, LJ. J-based 2D homonuclear and heteronuclear correlation in solid-state proteins. Magn Reson Chem 45 suppl.:s84-s92, 2007. BibTeX [ipapCTUC]

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