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Todo: move this to general todo page


improve page:


  • categorize software pages (is there NMR Software - in sentence case leftover?)

Important improvements:

  • better password recovery help
  • add link to newsgroup from talk all pages (template)
  • create project wiki
  • add email notifications on threads
  • place faster redirect on front page
  • make a template for email greeting
  • fix messages in user profile
  • check the avatar mechanism
  • change site description meta tag
  • create better data entry page
  • enhance pulse sequence database
  • better user registration page
  • add meta and title extensions
  • set up proper redirects in httpd.conf


  • install tree view for categories
  • install fckeditor
  • squid
  • move remaining bits from prev host, cancel hosting account
  • main.css & wikibits.js were modified, find other files that were changed and back them up
  • fix the f(x) = x^2 bug in pulse sequence drawing
  • put all nmrwiki code on svn
  • make category fixme more visible
  • merge category NMR Software to NMR software, delete category NMR Software
  • create Admin->Todo page
  • ogranize "reference data" page
  • test LQT for bugs
  • pages citing my papers filter


Articles to improve

Scalar coupling, Pulse sequence drawing, Laboratories and facilities, NMR Reference & Data Repositories - NMR Wiki, main page, nmr software

User interface

rename "watch" to "subscribe" and make function more visible


Create chemical exchange page

NMR experiments

Adjust template "NMR-experiment" so that when experiment has no implementations listed it shows something more meaningful then "%DPL-1.6.9-Warning: No results!"


Category:Bibliography to be automatically populated by the biblio extension.

Merge Glossary to "NMR concept"

same with cat Category:Pulse sequence drawing

create "Tasks" category

"compilations" category

"dynamics" category

something like "challenges", "resolving problems"???

"NMR software" somehow markup data about recognizable file formats in spectral analysis software

Delete stuff

MultiCategorySearch page

Recycled links from front page

Keep pulse sequences in a searchable public database. Sample records: 2D CC-CTUC and Ser/Thr-(HC)NH HSQC


  • automated "new member welcomer" on front page
  • who's watching
  • search in other wiki's, web
  • redesign psdb front page for search engines
  • nmr software selector
  • display # of edited pulse sequence records in user profile

Slideshow extension

Periodic table

Scan for articles tagged with element category and display automatic output in PT pages

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