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Basic facts about Bppste

Synopsis: Bipolar pulsed field gradient stimulated echo sequence for the measurements of diffusion

Family: Diffusion experiments

Code authors:




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Copyright: Varian, Inc.

General parameters

Diffusion-specific parameters

  • gzlvl1 - z PFG strength for spatial encoding
  • gt1 - duration of PFG
  • ledflag - flag that turns on stimulated echo, must be ledflag='y', otherwise sequence is useless
  • led - longitudial encode-decode delay
  • sedelay - half-echo delay (between 90o and 180o pulses


  1. Wu, DH and Chen, AD and Johnson, CS. An improved diffusion-ordered spectroscopy experiment incorporating bipolar-gradient pulses. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Series A 115(2):260--264, 1995. BibTeX [bppste]
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