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Basic facts about cbcacoA.c

Synopsis: 3D 13C observe CBCACO experiment

Family: CBCACO

Code authors:




No full name record for nm on the Varian registry page.

Copyright: Varian, Inc.

Hardware requirements:

 13C detection probe with 1H, 2H, 15N channels


Pulse sequence correlates chemical shifts (within the same aminoacid) of Cβ,Cα in ω1 dimension with Cα in ω2 dimension and CO (carbonyl carbon) in ω3 dimension.

Detection is on 13C, so the pulse sequence is appropriate for paramagnetic proteins, where 1H relaxation is too fast.

Selective 90 and 180 pulses are prepared by Pbox "on the fly".

Original publication[1] cites use of 13C-{1H,15N}TXO probe, protein was uniformly 13C, 15N and 70% 2H labeled.


  1. Bermel, W and Bertini, I and Duma, L and Felli, IC and Emsley, L and Pierattelli, R and Vasos, PR. Complete Assignment of Heteronuclear Protein Resonances by Protonless NMR Spectroscopy. Angewandte Chemie , 2005. BibTeX [ross05]
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