HCCH-COSY, Inova 600 MHz (Rutgers Univ.)

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Basic facts about pfg_hcchcosy_se2

Synopsis: HCCH-COSY straight-through experiment using C-C COSY transfer


Sample requirements: U-13C or U-13C,15N

Code authors:

 C. Chien, G.T. Montelione

Copyright: G.T. Montelione, Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory, Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, Rutgers University

Console: Varian, Inova, 600 MHz

Hardware requirements:

 CO pulses are on RF channel 4

Download: readme, code, parameters, image

Package: CABM Pulse Sequence Library


se='y' option not tested


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  2. Bax, A and Clore, GM and Driscoll, PC and Gronenborn AM and Ikura, M and Kay, LE. Practical aspects of proton-carbon-carbon-proton three-dimensional correlation spectroscopy of 13C-labeled proteins. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 87(3):620--627, 1990. BibTeX [bax90]

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