Pure shift Oneshot for Varian (G.A. Morris/M. Nilsson)

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Basic facts about JA_ZS_Oneshot

Synopsis: Pure shift Oneshot DOSY pulse sequence

Family: Diffusion experiments

Code authors:

 Gareth A. MorrisJuan AguilarMathias Nilsson

Copyright: Manchester University


  • Sep 26 2010 - fixed operation with "presat" water suppression.


Varian pulse sequence, macros, selective pulse RF waveform and sample parameters for a pure shift Oneshot DOSY experiment. Produces an array of 1H spectra in which the effects of all couplings between protons are suppressed, provided the protons are separated by more than the bandwidth of the selective pulse. Once the raw data have been converted into an array of pure shift FIDs, they can be processed as normal to give a 2D DOSY spectrum. Experiment and results are described in Angew. Chemie Int. Ed. 2010, 49, 3901 (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201001107). Pulse sequence coded by Dr Juan Aguilar.

Please note that this is development code. There may be incompatibilities with certain versions of Vnmr and VnmrJ. For practical application the pure shift DOSY will need to be corrected for effects of non uniform gradients (J. Magn. Reson. 2009, 198, 121-131). The DOSY Toolbox accommodates for both pureshift and pureshift DOSY data.

The sequence

The Oneshot sequence

NB! The sequence is only a schematic. Please refer to the paper for full details.

Files provided

You will probably also want 'makedosyparams' and 'setup_dosy' from here

JA_ZS_Oneshot.c - pulse sequence file

pureshiftZSoneshotcalixarene.fid - sample parameters

JA_rsnob_50_0_0.5_0_180.RF - RF waveform for 50 Hz bandwidth selective refocusing pulse

DpureshiftZS_proc - macro to create pure shift array of fids for DOSY processing from raw experimental data

unpureshift - macro to revert to previous data

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