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Name: SPC5 homonuclear double quantum recoupling
Synopsis: Includes file for SPC5 double quantum polarization transfer
Implementation author(s): Benjamin Wylie, Trent Franks, Chad Rienstra
Copyright: not assigned
Console: Varian, Infinity Plus, 500 MHz
Download: code, no sample/parameter data yet


SPC5 is a double quantum homonuclear mixing scheme. To run SPC53 set binN_SPC5=3. To run SPC52 set bigNSPC5=2. The variable "q" determines the number of POST elements that are performed. Since the supercycle for this sequence element is 10, q should be a multiple of 10. The field requirements are ω1=10/3* ωr for SPC53 and ω1=5* ωr


This code also makes use of DARR/RAD mixing by setting q=0 and tau_rad = taurad

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