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Content substance

Image library. That is - annotated reuseable image directory.

in topics - sidebar to experiments that are relevant maybe in experiments - sidebar link back to applications that these expts are good for.

experiment summary template

experiment page template

Content organization

How to best organize stuff on this site?

Site looks

Needs a facelift via CSS adjustment.


  • forum
  • algebra & maxima

NMR Features

pulse sequence display extension - work in progress

data display extension - SVG/postscript/PNG(?) generated by perhaps already existing NMR data display program - there are very very few programmers who have code that draws NMR spectra - please think about helping this site get more NMR flavor.

fid data repository for pulse sequences

Wiki Enhancement

Bibliography database

Why? This feature can help this wiki and others with scientific content become more "scientific grade". Imagine being able to write wikitext that produces a page looking like a real science paper - important part of which is providing full references to the original sources. Citations can be made exportable into EndNote and other software for use in real paper-writing.

A more elaborate document on this is here

Search Improvement

At this time search works only for this site - and it's not rich in content yet. A good idea may be to implement search across linked sites - that is make some search engine retrieve documents from "NMR web" as opposed to from entire internet.

As a first step hooking up a 'simple' websearch to the search bar would be great.

Log search results, search engine and internal search strings


NMR Google Map - not necessarily just a toy - can help locate nearest NMR facility.

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