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A One-Page MR Primer for newcomers, busy managers, laywers, and curious outsiders by Dr. Stanislav Sýkora

NMR Basics This is a 17-page illustrated pdf manual describing basic NMR principles, safety, sample preparation, etc. It strives to provide the background necessary for any synthetic chemist to know enough about what they are doing so that they get good data, but not so much "theory" that they feel distracted from their goal of making molecules. Prepared by Dr. Josh Kurutz, Northwestern University.

NMR as a Tool for Structure Determination by Prof.S. ARAVAMUDHAN. An introductory article on NMR.

Structural Biology/NMR for a lay audience

General topics

These links are approximately sorted in the order "basic to more advanced".

Specialized topics

Organic chemistry

NMR for Organic Chemists - one of several handouts prepared by Dr. Timothy Claridge of Oxford University.

Chem 203 - Organic Spectroscopy (youtube) course homepage - a University course taught by Prof. James Nowick, UC Irvine

Process NMR Spectroscopy

These are created by Process NMR Associates:

Protein structure from sparse NMR data

Introductory practical courses


  • 75 interactive problems on structure elucidation of small molecules by NMR, University of California, Los Angeles.
  • A series of problems contributed by Dr. Alan Kenwright of Durham University, UK
    • Combined organic spectroscopy problems using simple 1D NMR, focussing on the effects of chirality and diastereotopic protons (MS Word)
    • Simple COSY problems
      • Identify isomer (MS Word | PDF)
      • Identify product of Diels-Alder reaction (Needs Karplus equation and 4-bond "W" coupling) (MS Word | PDF)
    • A series of 6 organic chemistry based 2-Dimensional NMR problems (COSY, NOESY, HSQC, HMBC) (Powerpoint)


NMR webcourse created by Dr. Françoise Sauriol at Queens University, Canada. This course introduces a variety of pulse sequence tools, 1D-3D homonuclear and heteronuclear pulse sequences.

NMR Tutorial at Ryder University by Drs. Anita Brandolini and Alexander Grushow. This tutorial is geared towards acquisition of data with Bruker ICON-NMR and processing spectra with NUTS software.

NMR Tutorial at Widener University maintained by Scott Van Bramer. The tutorial heavily uses Mathcad software, contains annotated interactive NMR spectra of several organic molecules.

Learning about Solid-state NMR at Durham University. Introduction to solid state NMR, application notes, materials for practical user training.

NMR Tutor by Charles Abrams. Animations of pulse sequences, etc. (requires Shockwave plug-in)

Rotating frame transformation

FT and quad detection tutorial by Dr. Nagarajan Murali

Basics of pulsed NMR by Dr. Nagarajan Murali

Video movie of Presentation Files for Lectures on NMR[[1]] by Prof.S. ARAVAMUDHAN

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