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Please donate your lectures, Ph.D. theses, lab manuals of any sort and pulse sequences.

Just upload files here (login required) or email at

Recent contributions

April 03 2010: NMR Video playlist at YOUTUBE FT NMR Playlist by Prof.S.Aravamudhan for Lectures on NMR
April 03 2010: SpinEcho: A YOUTUBE Video Reply Video for Comment by Dr.S.Aravamudhan
April 03 2010: An article on NMR nmr_article by Prof.S.Aravamudhan
Jan 11 2010 Alan uploaded five more organic chemistry NMR problems: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Jan 7 2010 An organic chemistry problem on assignment of diastereotopic protons by Dr. Alan Kenwright
Dec 21 2009 Two organic chemistry problems by Dr. Alan Kenwright, Durham University, UK:

Dec 19 2009 Video lectures by Prof. S. Aravamudhan from North-Eastern Hill University, India

Dec 19 2009 Link to NMR Class Syllabus by Prof. Arthur Edison, University of Florida

Dec 18 2009 Undergraduate NMR course and an accompanying publication by Prof. Mark Conradi of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dec 18 2009 Introductory NMR Course (four parts: part 1|part 2|part 3|part 4|supplement homework) by Prof. Weiguo Hu, University of Massachusets

Dec 18 2009 Introductory NMR Course (two parts: part 1|part 2) by Anne Gorham, MIT.


Lecture on DOSY (ppt) by Prof. Stéphane Viel

FT and quad detection tutorial by Dr. Nagarajan Murali

Basics of pulsed NMR by Dr. Nagarajan Murali


Unblocking ice-clogged liquid He delivery dewar (doc) by Andy Soper

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